Ladies Who Like It

Today I am launching “Ladies Who Like It”.  For some time I have been talking about the importance of women’s stories about sex. I don’t mean erotic stories. I mean the real life, funny, inspirational, sometimes moving, life giving stories, that women have about their own experiences around sexuality. For many women they would neverContinue reading “Ladies Who Like It”

4. Languishing Libido

It’s been a long haul hasn’t it friends…? I mean this time last year, before the virus had us in it’s grip, we were just experiencing the normal January blues; maybe a post-Christmas anti climax, perhaps feeling a bit heavier than ideal in the weight department, a bit lighter than ideal in the finance department. Continue reading “4. Languishing Libido”

Why now is the perfect time for stories about sex.

In 1348 when plague swept through their land, Giovanni Bocaccio and his friends left the town Florence for a villa outside the town, for some privileged social distancing.  For ten days they kept each other company and told stories to distract and entertain themselves during a frightening time. They supported each other emotionally, and keptContinue reading “Why now is the perfect time for stories about sex.”

2. Vapourub.

Ms. U. Caliptus We went to France and it was hotter than I thought, I remember. I hadn’t been anywhere hot for years, and it was our first holiday away with the children: they were one and a half and three. I had become an old person, I realised, since the last time we hadContinue reading “2. Vapourub.”


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