Why now is the perfect time for stories about sex.

In 1348 when plague swept through their land, Giovanni Bocaccio and his friends left the town Florence for a villa outside the town, for some privileged social distancing. 

For ten days they kept each other company and told stories to distract and entertain themselves during a frightening time. They supported each other emotionally, and kept their spirits up with all kinds of stories. Some of them were improving stories, with moral and religious content. Some were satirical. The best remembered ones though are those that were the sauciest ones! The stories were collected in a classic book now known as “The Decameron”.

Medieval doctors recommended this kind of activity as amongst the best of practices for maintaining health and well being in a time of epidemic. 

Modern research shows that listening to stories can improve mood.

And we all know that telling your own stories can be both healing where the stories are difficult to recount, and positively life enhancing when the stories are happy ones you are bringing to mind. 

Knowing all this to be true, it seems more important than ever that Red Velvet Revelry continues its mission of collecting and sharing life affirming, mood enhancing, funny, joyful and inspiring stories from women. 

Stories related to sexuality and being female which can raise the spirit, and bolster the health and wellbeing of our rather amazing bodies.

Do you have  a story from your own love life or sexual experience to share that might be interesting or fun or helpful for other women? 

It might be related to first sexual encounters, romance, funny incidents, embarrassing moments, beautiful healing moments, pregnancy or menopause experiences, things you wish other women knew…..the possibilities are endless.

Here are a few questions to get you going:

Who was your first crush?

What has been your most exciting sexual encounter ?(So far….!)

What is your most romantic experience?

Tell us about a time you ‘broke the rules’ and it felt great!

Is there “One who got away…?”

Is there anything you wish you had done when you were younger or would still like to do in the future?

Is there something you would like to do now in the light of your lockdown experience?

I invite you to share your story with us.

Email queenofrevelry@gmail.com

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