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In a world where so many women have been told how to be sexual based on bad science, controlling cultural expectations and narrow stereotypes “Red Velvet Revelry” is a space where women can, often for the first time, hear and share their own stories and experiences around sexuality.

Hi I’m Marie Louise, I am a storyteller who is passionate about writing, collecting and sharing real life stories from women, as a way of celebrating the sexual aspects of life.

I’m also a woman in the second half of life exploring what it means to be a whole, happy, sexual individual. It’s not always possible to hear women telling their happy life-affirming stories about sexuality, so I am hoping that by sharing my stories, and inviting other women to do the same, we can explore and embrace this vital area of life together.

I’m starting from where I am as someone who is white, straight, not disabled and has always identified as a woman, living in Scotland in the middle years of my life. I invite others whose journey is similar or different to mine, to share their stories too, so we can all benefit from them.

For so many of us sexuality is an area of our lives that we are not fully comfortable with, or confident in. In fact many of the things we have been taught about our own bodies, are actually wrong.

“Red Velvet Revelry” came about because I wanted to hear the life affirming, inspirational, funny, true stories that tell the positive stories about sex we don’t often get to hear,

I help women focus on this vital aspect of life in a gentle, warm, fun way through sharing my own stories and giving a voice to the amazing experiences and reflections of other women.

On this website you can find a blog, a podcast, some fascinating resources and more about our live shows and Red Velvet supper club-a women’s night out experience with humorous stories, songs, poems and fun facts…

When women have permission to celebrate their own sexuality,

( however they experience it!)

and are empowered to tell their own stories, you can expect fun, inspiration, lightbulb moments and the healing power of knowing laughter!

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