Welcome to Red Velvet Revelry!

Celebrating womens’ own, authentic stories around sexuality

Here you will find real life stories from my life journey and those of other intrepid women, voicing and reflecting on their own experiences, for themselves. We share them for the benefit of other women grappling with what it means to be a whole sexual human being, in a world which hasn’t always helped us to do that in a positive, healthy way. For some of us it actually means creating a new story. For others it’s permission to have bit of a laugh about the ones we’ve got.

“Owning our story is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” BrenĂ© Brown

So here is a space for a conversation inviting women of different ages, ethnicities, faiths, physical shapes, and states of health to join a conversation about what being sexual might mean for them. Join us!

Marie Louise, Queen of Revelry