The Podcast

If you like the intimacy of a story being told right in your ear, this might be for you.

My true stories, stories shared by other women, and some reflections on resources I’ve found helpful around women and sexuality.

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Episode 1. The Virgin Podcast: A trip to Anne Summers…

Episode 2. Now’s the time to bide your time: Lockdown love from Mrs. Victoria Plum, a poem from Heidi Docherty, and a review of the Joy of Sex.

Episode 3. Awakenings: A gentle story of awakening teenage sensuality and review of “Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo

Episode 4. Basque a true story from Linda Lovely Lingerie, and a review of City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

Episode 5. Flush Fest. An interview with Revel Sister Heidi about the Red Velvet Revelry live show, the world’s only Menopause Festival, and a poem for “Ladies Who Like It”.

If you have a story you would like to share or like to hear, please do get in touch.

Stories will be shared anonymously, subject to Red Velvet Revelry editorial review and with written permission.

Marie Louise, Queen of Revelry

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